A t-shirt, a squeezable bottle filled with
paint, a lot of momentum, and you have
an addictive event activity for kids and
adults to enjoy.


Step 1. Choose the size and color of your t-shirt, and while we load it on to our Spin T mahcine, the little artists can grab one of our many many squeezable bottles with colored fabric paint and get ready to squeeze...


Step 2. Our Spin T machine starts spinning in to action, creating a centrifugal force which throws the drizzling paint in all directions. Switch colors, try to make patterns, use your imagination and create our own personalized design. No two tshirts are ever the same !


Step 3. Your master peice is almost ready, we just need to heat dry the paint so it permanently sticks to the tshirt and you are ready to show off your work of art !

The tshirts are the perfect birthday party favor and everyone will want one !